The Team


    Founding partner at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, Curtis is one of those people that always knew what he wanted to do. After showing an early aptitude for designing buildings, he began working for an architect in his home town of Juneau, Alaska before he got his driver’s license. He enrolled in the architecture program at the University of Washington, graduating in 1973. After working for a prominent Seattle-area firm for several years, he started Curtis Gelotte Architects in 1983. With a sharpness of thought, Curtis brings a fresh approach and an artistic eye to all projects he undertakes. His evocative designs consistently create structures that retain their beauty and grace for life, and, even after several hundred homes, he still has a spark and enthusiasm for each new project. With that early interest in architecture and a foundation of hands-on experience, his talent has led him to great success and recognition.


    Scott is both a partner and principal at Gelotte Hommas Architecture. It is not surprising that Scott connects with the nature of each new project’s site—he’s born and raised in the beautiful landscape of Montana. He is not only acutely aware of integrating each home with its environment, but also the need to create a timeless design. An accomplished artist, Scott brings an aesthetic eye to each new project. His illustrations are unparalleled in assisting clients with visualizing their completed home. After graduating Montana State University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1986, Scott started his career as an intern for Curtis Gelotte Architects. He then spent a few years exploring different types of architecture before returning to Curtis Gelotte in 1996, and his true passion—custom residential design. It is no wonder that he continually receives the highest of client compliments, and their return business when they are ready to build a second home


    Eric has been a member of Gelotte Hommas since 2002 becoming a principal in 2013. A quintessential Northwest native, Eric loves the sound of rain, all things outdoors and considers himself a member in good standing of the wool socks and sandals club.  He credits his start in architecture to his parents who provided his childhood environment with ample supplies of tinker toys, erector sets and blocks which he used to design and build all that his imagination conjured up.  After graduating Cum Laude in architecture from Washington State University, he spent his initial six years of practice in Ohio working on historic buildings, including projects listed on the National Historic Register.  With a keen eye for historical accuracy and a technical grasp of proportion and historic form, his favorite projects are patterned after historical styles.  He has a passion for client service and brings a relentless attention to detail to his projects.  Eric lives just off an orbicular drive near downtown Bothell with his wife, two boys and the family’s two beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

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